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Education and Government
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Education and Government

Education & Government II - Achieve Compliance and Monitor Data Use
MessageSolution’s email, file, and SharePoint archiving solutions are automated, policy-driven archiving software systems that allow schools and government agencies to implement and monitor their internal and external controls to become compliant with freedom of information requirements. The email, file, and SharePoint archive software solutions leverage management policies across multiple geographic locations, alert archive administrators if staff members attempt to violate policy. The automated technology in Enterprise Email Archive, Enterprise File and SharePoint Archive eliminate the need for IT and non-IT staff to spend hours manually managing emails and other electronic data. Automated policies and real-time archiving eliminate the threat of accidentally deleting important emails or files.

The email archive and file archive’s alerts and logs allow organizations to monitor staff’s archive behavior. Granular archive access settings also allow the archive administrator to give specific users permission to search, view, restore, and/or delete emails or files in other employees’ email archive or file archive. Archive access controls and retention policies can be set across entire locations or departments, as well as down to the individual staff member.

For example, a congressman’s administrative assistant can be given access to the congressman’s archived emails in order to find historical information from a constituent’s email sent 8 months ago.
Conserve Resources

MessageSolution offers a special discount for public schools, governments, and non-profit organizations of 25 to 30% off the total licensing fee; for more information, request a free demo or contact a sales representative.

Software is a natural choice for organizations that need powerful archiving that is still affordable. MessageSolution’s archiving software has already been chosen by many school districts, universities, and local governments for its low TCO, which is made possible by the archive’s clean back end design that significantly reduces archive maintenance time and installation costs. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive can be installed remotely, eliminating the fees for days of onsite installation and travel costs for engineers.

MessageSolution’s email archiving and file archiving software solutions are all-in-one products, with no additional costs for third party databases like SQL or Oracle tacked onto licensing fees. Our archiving software is ready to start archiving as soon as you
download it on your preferred storage hardware device. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive function equally well on a range of hardware, email servers, and operating systems. For our minimum system requirements (and they are pretty minimal), check out our product data sheets, contact a MessageSolution representative, or request a demo.

Search and Retrieve for eDiscovery
Traditional electronic discovery methods can be slow and extremely expensive. Enterprise Email Archive and Enterprise File Archive’s superior archiving technology allows you to retrieve crucial data within seconds and can even restore data to its original format. The built-in search engine locates emails and files using a full text key word or key phrase search in multiple fields, including attachments.

The email and file archives even allow searching in multiple languages, including Latin-based and character-based. This is especially useful if a U.S. school’s Spanish teacher requires students to email in homework assignments in Spanish, or if a Japanese diplomat constantly sends emails and attachments to a colleague in the United Kingdom. Unicode allows users to search the archive to locate these communications. Administrators, HR staff, or other staff can be designated as authorized users and utilize
eDiscovery features without IT assistance.

Decrease Storage Requirements
Enterprise Email Archive can securely store inbound, outbound, and internal communications for an unlimited amount of time. Both archiving solutions have an in-process compression rate averaging about 75%; Enterprise Email Archive applies single instance archiving of both email content and attachments to reduce storage requirements significantly. Likewise, Enterprise File Archive deduplicates multiple copies of network files. Reducing data stores decreases system downtime, sluggish functioning, and system crashes. With the server workload reduced, servers run faster and staff members are more productive.

Features Benefitting Educators and Government Agencies:
  • Discount and flexible payment plan
  • Works with any hardware vendor and server environment
  • Built-in search engine and database means no additional software purchases
  • Reduces storage requirements to ¼ of original size
  • Begin with existing storage devices and add multiple repositories later on
  • 24 x 7 support
  • Archiving and user activities are tracked and logged into audit trails and reports
  • Supports Latin-based and character-based language searching
  • Enterprise Email Archive Suite version allows higher ups to access archive through their email client or from offline
  • Enterprise Email Archive Express version and Enterprise File Archive allow users to access the archive through a web interface or their email client’s web access

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