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MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive 5.6
Microsoft gold certified partner Read for IBM Lotus softeare
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The MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive (EEA) product family includes four editions: EEA Enterprise Suite, EEA Professional, EEA Compliance Express, and EEA for Linux & GroupWise.

MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive (EEA) Version Comparison

Archiving Features & Functions

Office 365

Compliance Express

Professional Edition

Enterprise Suite

Policy-Based Archiving
Concept and Web-Based Search
Legal Hold, Legal Review
Case Management, Legal Hold Notification
Message Tagging & Classification
Data Redaction & OCR Scanning
Save Search, Transparent Annotation
Message Pathway Analysis
De Duplication, Single Instance Storage
Logs & Reports, Unified Search
PST/NSF/GroupWise File Import Manager
Real-Time Archiving / Journaling
Built-In Search Engine & Database
(No SQL Required)
In-Process Compression
Public Folder Archiving
Integrated SharePoint Archiving*





Integrated File Archive*





Built-in EML Data Download Export Function
User-Based Retention Policy
Archive Support & Compatibility        
Exchange, Domino, GroupWise, Linux Servers
Windows, Linux, Solaris OS platforms
Calendar, Contacts, Historical Mail
All UNC storage – NAS, SAN
Object Storage Integration – Azure, AWS, etc.
Protocol Support – Exchange Web Services (EWS), WebDAV, CIFS, SOAP
 User Archive Access Options        
Unified UI, Personal Archive Folders & Access
iOS Archive Access
Transparent GroupWise Client Access

OWA or DWA Archive Access
Outlook Add-In & Offline Access
Outlook to SharePoint Drag N Drop Add-In
* Additional Cost

Enterprise Suite
Enterprise Email Archive Enterprise Suite edition, with its comprehensive features, massive scalability, and seamless integration with Microsoft Outlook, Lotus Notes, and OWA or DWA, is a best-of-breed archiving solution for enterprises with Microsoft Exchange Server or IBM Domino Server. The EEA Enterprise Suite provides a PST or NSF migration tool, offline archive access for mobile users, and access to the archive from Blackberry. Users can also access archived mail from the convenient web console.

MessageSolution's EEA Enterprise Suite Edition is comparable to solutions by Symantec, EMC, and Autonomy. In the first quarter of 2009, MessageSolution's development team surpassed these key industry players and became the first archiving vendor in the market to deliver archiving solutions that take full advantage of 64-bit operating systems, providing a true 64-bit application that runs on a 64-bit OS machine. Due to the high cost of re-programming the code to fully support a 64-bit OS, competitive vendors continue to run 32-bit applications on a 64-bit machine, a method that does not fully utilize the system resources that 64-bit OS platforms provide.

Learn more about MessageSolution’s support for Microsoft Exchange Server and IBM Domino Server, or visit our Archiving Solutions pages to discover how MessageSolution’s live archiving solutions address your industry, job role, or business needs. Learn more about the features in EEA Enterprise Suite by watching our brief Outlook integration video, Lotus Notes integration video, or PST Migration Tool video.

Organizations that select EEA Enterprise Suite can receive MessageSolution’s file
archiving software, Enterprise File Archive Express Edition, absolutely FREE!

Request a quote or demonstration today using our Demo Request Form or contact MessageSolution.

Professional Edition
Enterprise Email Archive Professional Edition is a more streamlined version of MessageSolution’s Enterprise Suite edition. The Professional Edition gives users transparent Outlook and Lotus Notes client integration, along with convenient offline archive access and MessageSolution’s user-friendly web console. As always, storage-reducing, compliance, and litigation support features are also included.

MessageSolution’s Compliance Express and Professional Editions are the SME/SMB Market favorites for their combination of cost-effectiveness and feature-rich value.

Compliance Express
Enterprise Email Archive Compliance Express Edition, our basic and expedient email archive software, is equipped with storage optimization and litigation support features, policy-based archiving, built-in logs, and MessageSolution’s PST Migration Tool.

EEA for GroupWise & Linux/UNIX
Enterprise Email Archive for GroupWise & Linux/UNIX contains all the features and functions of EEA Compliance Express, but designed for Novell GroupWise Server or Linux/UNIX-based email servers such as Scalix, Postfix, Kerio, MDaemon, Qmail, Zimbra and more. For more details, visit our GroupWise Server archiving or Linux Server Archiving pages.

Benefits of Enterprise Email Archive:
■ Comply with industry regulations
■ Meet legal search requirements governing electronic document access and retention
■ Increased email server performance, scalability and reliability
■ Easy, fast and secured access to archived email contents and attachments
■ Unprecedented storage and financial savings
■ Reliable disaster recovery approach
■ Increased employee and administrator productivity
■ Mailbox quotas are no longer required and each user is capable of searching his/her own email archive. The time consuming task of managing one's inbox is eliminated, allowing the staff to focus on the business at hand.

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