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    MessageSolution Email Platform Migration
    Email Server Cross-Platform Migration with MessageSolution
    Having architected the award-winning enterprise archiving & eDiscovery solutions supporting all email server platforms, MessageSolution Enterprise Email Platform Architects and Engineering Teams have delivered a high performance and high-speed enterprise class email cross-platform migration system, reducing on an average 50% of migration project time comparing market migration solutions. MessageSolution Enterprise Email Cross-Platform Migration System migrates entire emailbox, all calendar items and contacts, and address book for GroupWise or Domino to Exchange2016/2019.

    Thanks to the flexibility, feature-rich and enterprise class scalability offered by MessageSolution technologies, organizations around the world have successfully deployed MessageSolution products. Ranked among the top vendors in Gartner Enterprise Information Archiving Magic Quadrant Report consecutively for the past 5 years, MessageSolution is the only provider in the current MQ supports GroupWise enterprise email archiving and email cross-platform migration for Exchange 2016/2019.
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    With MessageSolution Enterprise Cross-Platform Migration System, organizations have the option to perform a direct cross-platform migration from GroupWise/Domino to Exchange, or to combine the migration process with email server storage reduction, regulatory compliance, litigation support and eDiscovery requirements performing an all-in-one migration and enterprise archiving process, to cost-effectively cut down significant amount of project time and software licensing/service fees.

    MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System Flow Chart
    diagram of email archiving processes of Enterprise Email Archive for clustered servers
    MessageSolution Email Cross-Platform Migration System gives organizations options, it enables organizations to perform either a direct email platform migration, or a complex multi-tasking process of email platform migration, email data archiving, email server storage management, and eDiscovery functions building, etc, a process traditionally performed by multiple vendors, or by a vendor with multiple projects to complete.

    With the traditional mail migration products, an organization's migration and archiving project may only be executed by multiple vendors, or by one vendor with different products for different projects. The first vendor/product performs migration (from GroupWise or Domino migrate to Exchange), then the second vendor/product deploys an archiving system to archive/index, or then stub the email and file data into the centralized archiving system. In today's the market, a couple of archiving vendors may offer to archive from the pre-migration mail server to trim down the data volume before migration takes place, leveraging the archive to ease the migration workload. However, the organization will still rely on another migration tool to complete the mail server cross-platform migration project. In the field, these approaches take lengthy processing time to complete and would consume at least two sets of licensing and services fees from two vendors or with 2 separate project planning and execution, it can cost an organization tremendous amount of time and potentially cause an interference to its email communication system and business operation. Yet the final goal of migration/archiving are not clearly streamlined and defined by these multiple vendors or multiple solutions.

    With the traditional migration approach, organizations would have to perform one step a time. It often takes months to complete the first step (migration), then an equal amount of time to complete the second step (archiving), concluding with the final step (stubbing), of the three-stage project, which would lead into a year-long project. This would also impose at least two sets of hefty software licensing and engineering service costs to the organizations. Performing these functions from multiple vendors also causes system compatibility or integration issues. Usually organizations would find certain data after migrating by the migration vendor or a migration product, are not effectively nor accurately archived by another vendor or product that has conducted the archiving and storage process.

    As the first solution in the market, MessageSolution's high performance Enterprise Cross-Platform Migration/Archiving System has integrated migration plus archiving and establishing eDiscovery functions all-in-one, performing up to four functions at once:
    1. Mail Server Migration
    2. Archiving
    3. Stubbing (when required)
    4. Simultaneously archiving new emails/attachments from the post-migration (new) mail server.
    MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System cuts the licensing and engineering service cost more than 50% vs. the traditional migration/archiving approach by multiple vendors, and also cuts the migration/archiving project time required 65% from the traditional multi-step multi-vendor approach. MessageSolution delivers a true multi-functional streamline enterprise-class migration and archiving system, providing the most cost-effective yet highest efficiency for the organizations' migration and archiving requirements, with the minimum impact on the end users.

    As the first on-premise archiving provider that supports and stub for all top three enterprise email server platforms for Exchange, Domino, and GroupWise, along with all Unix/Linux-based mail servers, MessageSolution utilizes its profound engineering expertise in these server platforms and is two steps ahead of the industry standard mail server migration products, combining migration, archiving and stubbing tasks into one process, delivering a high performance, all-in-one, enterprise class migration-archiving system.

    MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System migrates emails, calendars, tasks and personal address books to the users’ new mailboxes on the Exchange Server.

    In addition to migration between email servers, MessageSolution Enterprise Migration System allows companies to migrate data from public folders, file servers, ECM systems to SharePoint, as well as migrate PST/NSF/GroupWise files into centralized archive. MessageSolution is the first in the market has integrated with Exchange 2010 Web Services platform, and is able to migrate PST files into Microsoft Exchange 2010 Server.
    diagram of email archiving processes of Enterprise Email Archive for clustered servers
    MessageSolution can effectively help organizations that plan to switch email server environments to achieve a smooth and quick migration experience when migrating from GroupWise to Exchange, Domino to Exchange, Exchange to Domino, Exchange to Scalix, etc. MessageSolution is the industry leader in supporting all major email server platforms, an ideal partner to assist organizations for the email server cross-platform migration.

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