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Migrate On-Premise Email Platform to Office365

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MessageSolution Legacy Archive-to-Archive Migration

from Autonomy Enterprise Archiving System & Symantec EnterpriseVault
        Many organizations feel obligated to stay on an unsatisfactory archiving system to avoid the large cost of data extraction. This is an expensive and time consuming process with most vendors. MessageSolution Migration avoids inhibiting data export costs while simplifying and condensing the whole process. Avoid that entire phase of the migration process by pulling data directly from the source instead of using traditional vendor APIs. MessageSolution provides a stand-alone system that enables data export, re-ingestion and full indexing from insufficient archiving systems. MessageSolution supports direct archive-to-archive migration from Symantec EnterpriseVault and HP Autonomy EAS. The system also supports migration and access to previously stubbed (offloaded) data through browser UI or email client add-in (plug-in). See how we deliver exceptional support in migration in our case study with one of the largest banks in Africa (here).