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Quotes about MessageSolution
"The software is quite easy to configure and the search tool available for the users via the web browser is competitive and easy to use. I am very happy with the MessageSolution archiving solution."

- Ralf Mueller, IT manger at Ivaco International, Inc.

"MessageSolution's Enterprise Archiving and Enterprise eDiscovery are simple to deploy and manage, and easy to use (all cited by customers as important selection requirements). Customer satisfaction is high."

- Gartner 2012 Magic Quadrant

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Sample MessageSolution Customers
2015 Customer News
  • Hainan Airline, Ranked in Top 3 airline in PR China with 120,000 employees across the world, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery for its global data archiving & discovery deployment (Q1, 2015)
  • 2014 Customer News
  • FNB Bank, the oldest bank in S. Africa since 1838 with branches across African continent, has successfully completed the deployment of MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive & Enterprise eDiscovery Platform for bank’s 33,000-user & multi-location environment for compliance & legal requirements, replaced Symantec EnterpriseVault & Autonomy’s eDiscovery System (Q3 2014)
  • Premier internet service provider Blaze Networks in UK selected MessageSolution MSP Platform offering compliance archiving & eDiscovery software services for its SMEs & enterprises (Q2 2014)
  • Progressive Savings Bank has grown to over $240 million in assets with six branch locations, implemented MessageSolution Cloud Archiving and eDiscovery online services for compliance, litigation readiness, and storage management (Q1 2014)
  • Telkom Group Ltd. top telecommunications provider operating in more than 38 countries, deployed MessageSolution Service Provider Platform and offer eDiscovery and archiving solution to its worldwide clients (Q1 2014)
  • 2013 Customer News
  • Elements Behavioral Health (EBH), with world-class treatment center and facilities across the country, selected MessageSolution Cloud Archiving for HIPAA compliance requirements and EBH's Exchange server storage management (Q4, 2013)
  • First Atlantic Corp, one of Maine’s leading healthcare providers, has chosen MessageSolution Cloud archiving and eDiscovery services to maintain compliance and regulate data management (Q1 2013)
  • Mid-market health care facilities including Tri-City Medical Center and George Washington Medical Faculty Associates have chosen the MessageSolution Email & File Archiving Platforms to keep their multi-thousands of user accounts HIPAA-compliant (Q3 2012)
  • Elements Behavioral Health (EBH), with world-class treatment center and facilities across the country, selected MessageSolution Cloud Archiving for HIPAA compliance requirements and EBH's Exchange server storage management (Q4, 2013)
  • VodaCom, leading telecommunication provider, deployed MessageSolution MSP Hosted Platform for South Africa and UK SME markets (Q3 2013)
  • IConix, leading & worldwide fashion and home brands distribution chain, deployed MessageSolution Enterprise File Archive for large volume file storage management (Q3 2013)
  • Bonham, one of top-3 UK largest auction houses, implemented MessageSolution migration and archiving systems to migrate and archive from Scalix to Domino email platform (Q3 2013)
  • Heartland Business Systems, a premier technology solutions provider and one of MessageSolution long time VARs, has made the successful transition to the MSP-hosted multi-tenant email archiving and eDiscovery platform, offering compliance email archiving to its educational customers. (Q2 2013)
  • The Archdiocese of Newark has selected MessageSolution in-house Enterprise Email Archive for its GroupWise environment to help with data management and litigation support. (Q2 2013)
  • Roseville Joint Union High School District, a top school district in California with 8 schools and over 10,000 email & file users, deployed MessageSolution’s email & file archiving systems for compliance, eDiscovery & storage management (Q2 2013)
  • First Atlantic Corp, one of Maine’s leading healthcare providers, has chosen MessageSolution Cloud and eDiscovery services to maintain compliance and regulate data management (Q1 2013)
  • Blue Net, Inc. a first class technology and hosted software service provider, adds MessageSolution Cloud Archiving and eDiscovery services to their arsenal of technology solutions for SME clients worldwide (Q1 2013)
  • Advantage Microsystems provides complete IT department services for insurance agencies, financial services firms and other businesses that depend on technology. They recently selected MessageSolution hosted archiving and eDiscovery services for their wide-ranging clients (Q1 2013)
  • Bank of Manhattan, the SME expert, selected Fidelity Information Service (FIS) for compliance archiving and legal readiness. FIS, the largest IT service provider in the financial industry in the US, hosts both MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform for SMEs and MessageSolution Dedicated Hosting Platform for Enterprises, and offers information archiving and eDiscovery services to its 14,000+ global financial institution clients (Q1 2013)
  • 2012 Customer News
  • Trust Power– One of New Zealand's largest electricity generators selected MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint, Email and File Archive all-in-one platform to manage its data lifecycle management and eDiscovery needs (Q4 2012)
  • Fiber Cloud, A Seattle-based, industry-leading service provider is leveraging MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Solution to provide its clients with comprehensive managed archiving services (Q4 2012)
  • Savvis - Telecom giant serving over 1.2 million Enterprise and SME customers worldwide leverages MessageSolution Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery Services to address its global customers, archiving, compliance and eDiscovery needs. (Q3 2012)
  • Precision IT - a valued service provider offering a range of innovative services and solutions for small and medium sized organizations across Australia uses MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Platform to provide archiving, eDiscovery and compliance management to its client base (Q3 2012)
  • RealWare, LLC -a managed service provider with over a decade of experience in providing world-class managed services, cloud hosting and application development has selected the MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Platform to address clients, archiving and eDiscovery requirements (Q3 2012)
  • Clopay Technologies - the nation's largest manufacturer of residential garage doors and a leading supplier of industrial and commercial sectional doors leverages MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive for storage and data lifecycle management (Q3 2012)
  • Tri-City Medical Center selected MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive and eDiscovery Platform for HIPAA compliance, eDiscovery readiness and storage management (Q2 2012)
  • Tacoma College selected MessageSolution Enterprise SharePoint Archiving & Governance Suite for an optimized SharePoint performance and SharePoint content management (Q2 2012)
  • Dynasoft, leading enterprise software distribution chain in Russia, selected and launched MessageSolution enterprise archiving solution, global cloud computing platform, and managed service provider (MSP) archiving & eDiscovery platform in Russian and EU markets (Q1 2012)
  • 2011 Customer News
  • Earthlink selected MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform offering managed compliance archiving & eDiscovery services to its SME clients across N. American market (Q4 2011)
  • Congratulation goes to the 2011 Man of the Year, Mr. Wengen Liang, Co-Chairman of SANY Heavy Industry. Published by Forbes Asia Magazine, Mr. Liang is ranked #1 in Forbes 2011 China Richest 400. With over 70,000 employees worldwide, SANY Heavy Industry archives for 31,000 users (and growing) with the MessageSolution Enterprise Archive and eDiscovery Suite.
    Job well done Chairman Liang at SANY Heavy Industry, MessageSolution team members around the world are proud of you & SANY Heavy Industry!
  • SAG headquartered in Chili, the largest forest, agriculture & natural land protection organization with its 4,000+ environmental advocates in South America, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive to preserve its email electronic communications (Q4 2011)
  • Law Institute of Victoria, the peak body for legal professionals in Australia, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Professional Edition for eDiscovery and storage management (Q3 2011)
  • Moody National Bank selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Professional Edition for compliance, storage management and eDiscovery readiness (Q3 2011)
  • Shiseido, global cosmetics giant, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Suite for its Asia Pacific operations (Q3 2011)
  • Kenya Commercial Bank, the largest Bank in Kenya, selected MessageSolution Enterrprise Email Archive Compliance Edition for compliance and discovery (Q3 2011)
  • Educational Technology Service, top US online training and managed service provider for school districts, deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform on a single server configuration for 50+ school districts with 25,000 user-base, compliance archiving on Exchange & GroupWise (Q2 2011)
  • NTT Japan-based ISP, the largest telecommunication company in Japan with data center operations and hosted service infrastructure worldwide, has deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving Platform for Asian Pacific Market (Q1, 2011)
  • Codan Canada, N. America leading law firm, selected MessageSolution for email cross-platform migration from GroupWise to Exchange 2010, archiving and eDiscovery (Q1 2011)
  • University of Utah selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery System for compliance & storage management (Q1 2011)
  • Sterling Auto, the premium brand of automobile accessory market, selected MessaageSolution Cloud archiving & eDiscovery services for Exchange archiving and Outlook integration with Exchange real-time storage reduction & eDiscovery (Q1 2011)
  • Pierce Community College selected MessageSolution enterprise archiving for compliance and storage management (Q1 2011)
  • Alfa Bank, Headquartered in Moscow Russia, with branch network employing 17,000 staff and consisting of 400+ offices across Russia and abroad, deployed MessageSolution Enterprise Archive for email governance and communication management (Q1 2011)

  • 2010 Customer News
  • Texas A&M University, top ranked university in the U.S. by Wall Street Journal & Financial Times, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archiving & eDiscovery Suite for Exchange archiving & storage management (Q4 2010)
  • GELITA Group, the world leader in gelatine manufacturing headquartered in Germany, selected MessageSolution for GELITA Group's worldwide Domino platform archiving, record management and eDiscovery readiness, deploying in 9 international geographic regions & 5 major continents across the world including Europe, Asia Pacific, North America, South America, and Africa (Q4 2010)
  • TOTAL Upstream Companies, the largest oil & gas distribution network in Nigeria, selected MessageSolution for Exchange server storage management and eDiscovery (Q4 2010)
  • The Federal Highway Agency Of Ministry Of Transportation Of The Russian Federation selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery for Exchange archiving and eDiscovery readiness (Q4 2010)
  • China Construction Bank, one of the top 4 state-owned banks in China, selected MessageSolution for Exchange compliance archiving (Q4 2010)
  • Toyota Australia, the largest vehicle maker in the continent selected MessageSolution to storage 90+ years of electronic data volume and for ongoing Exchange archiving (Q3 2010)
  • EdgeWave, a global leading provider of online Email Security Services, selected MessageSolution Cloud Archiving & eDiscovery Services for its corporate & SME customers of 2 million user base (Q3 2010)
  • BOMINFLOT S.A., German global fuel supply chain implemented MessageSolution enterprise archiving system for archiving and record management (Q2 2010)
  • Presidencia de Chile, Presidential Palace, the central government office in Chile implemented MessageSolution Enterprise Archive for storage management and compliance archiving (Q2 2010)
  • Leading ISP GConnect in UK has implemented MessageSolution Multi-Tenant SaaS Solution for its clients in Europe (Q2 2010)
  • Contict IT in Netherlands, innovative virtual office MSP provider has deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant SaaS Solution for SME clients across EU (Q2 2010)
  • First Federal Bank selected MessageSolution for Exchange 2010 U.S. banking compliance archiving and email server storage reduction (Q2 2010)
  • Diamond Bank, the prestigious Nigerian Bank of the Year 2009, selected MessageSolution for SharePoint and compliance archiving (Q2 2010)
  • Quostar Solutions, UK's premier IT service provider, deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant Archiving & eDiscovery Platform for its SaaS archiving & eDiscovery service offering (Q1, 2010)
  • Lockheed Federal Credit Union, one of the premier credit unions in the U.S. with $3 billion in assets, selected MessageSolution for Exchange archiving (Q1 2010)
  • Everis, one of the largest consulting firms in Spain multi-national locations selected MessageSolution for file & email archiving on Domino & server migration (Q1 2010)
  • Green Crescent, the award-winning health insurance company based in United Arabic Emirates, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Suite for Exchange storage management and Exchange storage reduction (Q1 2010)

  • 2009 Customer News
  • Massachusetts State Court System, one of the largest trial court systems in the U.S. selected MessageSolution for compliance archiving (Q4 2009)
  • Top architecture firm Flynn Canada Ltd., one of 50 Best Managed Companies in Canada, selected MessageSolution for File & SharePoint archiving (Q4 2009)
  • Premier managed service provider (MSP) Miller Group deployed MessageSolution Multi-Tenant SaaS Service Provider Edition for SME clients' compliance archiving (Q4 2009)
  • U.S. Department of Commerce Selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive Suite (Q3 2009)
  • AT&T Research Division selected MessageSolution for Exchange & optimized server storage (Q3 2009)
  • Town of Frisco selected MessageSolution SaaS Hosted Archiving Services for compliance (Q3 2009)
  • Industrial and Commercial Bank of China, the #1 state-owned bank in China with over 380,000 employees worldwide, its U.S. division selected MessageSolution for IBM Domino 8.5 compliance archiving & storage management (Q3 2009)
  • Wyoming State Medical Center selected MessageSolution GroupWise Compliance Edition for HIPAA compliance (Q3 2009)
  • Wyoming State Department of Health Selected MessageSolution for HIPAA Compliance (Q2 2009)
  • Mitsubishi Elevator Company, one of world's largest elevator manufacturing facilities selected MessageSolution for Domino 8.5 (Q2 2009)
  • Zenith Bank, one of the largest banks in Africa selected MessageSolution for active archiving (Q1 2009)
  • U.S. Department of Energy Science Division Selected MessageSolution for Exchange 2007 (Q1 2009)
  • The winner of the 2007 National ETA awards for energy saving projects, Voltex, the pre eminent distributor of electrical materials with 76 outlets on the African continent. Headquartered in South Africa, Voltex selected MessageSolution Enterprise Archive & eDiscovery Suite for compliance archiving and eDiscovery readiness (Q1 2009)

  • 2008 Customer News
  • Honda Corporation in China, one of the largest Automobile Manufacturing facilities in the world, selected MessageSolution for Imail / Exchange servers (Q4 2008)
  • World renowned international art & antiques auction house Bonhams selected MessageSolution for Linux/Scalix/Exchange for the U.K. HQ (Q3 2008)
    Read the Case Study>>
  • Pacific National Bank achieves compliance and record management with MessageSolution Enterprise Archive for Domino/Lotus Notes (Q2 2008)
  • MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive for GroupWise 7 chosen by State of Louisiana School for faster, more accurate eDiscovery (Q2 2008)
  • World-class Australian architecture firm Alex Popov & Associates selects MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive 5.0 for Exchange (Q2 2008)
  • Staples Canada improves information management with MessageSolution Email & File archive (Q2 2008)

  • 2007 Customer News
  • Roke Manor Research Ltd, a U.K.-based Siemens Company, selects MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archive 5.0 for Exchange (Q4 2007)
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  • Barrett Hospital & Healthcare selected MessageSolution Compliance Edition for HIPAA compliance and Exchange storage management (Q2 2007)

  • 2006 Customer News
  • Ivaco, the leading mining company in Canada, selected MessageSolution Enterprise Email Archiving Compliance Edition to meet its compliance requirements
  • Chery Automobile, Largest Independent Auto Maker in China Grows its Email User Base Over 10,000 with MessageSolution Archive for Domino since 2006
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