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Microsoft Exchange Server
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Solutions for Microsoft Exchange Server

MessageSolution Enterprise On-Premise & Cloud Archiving Platforms for
Exchange 5.5, 2000, 2003, 2007, 2010 and Exchange 2013

As Microsoft Gold Level Partner, MessageSolution delivered the first in the market Exchange 2010 Web Services platform at Microsoft WinConnections in November 2009. MessageSolution creates products that support Microsoft Exchange server and Outlook client software. Enterprise Email Archive software sits on a device of your choosing (see our product data sheet for minimum requirements), behind your network firewalls, and connects to the Exchange server via WebDAV or CDO to capture and archive email based on your preferred settings. After emails are captured, they are compressed, stubbed and deduplicated using single instance archiving before being archived. These processes reduce the storage requirements of your Exchange server by an average of 75% and significantly slow storage growth.

Archive Management
Enterprise Email Archive is able to archive from ‘message only’ to envelope archiving, on a scheduled basis or in real-time by using the Journal Box. Stubbing options allow you to stub message content only, attachments only, or both, or none. Schedule when to clean up emails from the Exchange server for each mailbox; select when to empty Exchange’s Journal Box. Enterprise Email Archive can archive Public Folders, as well as users’ mailbox folders and group information, allowing the administrator to choose what mailboxes and folders to archive.

Active Directory and User Management
Enterprise Email Archive connects to Active Directory to locate users for archiving. Enterprise Email Archive polls Active Directory every time before it performs an archiving process to check for added users, automatically updating the archive’s user list.

If a user is removed from Active Directory, Enterprise Email Archive does not automatically remove that user from the archive, as that would remove that user’s archive as well. Simply disabling archiving for that user ensures previously archived data remains in the archive. Normal retention policy rules will then apply to the ex-employee’s archived data. This user’s individual archive can be easily assigned to a current employee to manage.

From within Enterprise Email Archive’s administrative interface, the archive administrator can assign specific archiving, retention, and archive access settings to entire departments or individual users. Enterprise Email Archive also allows the administrator to create special ‘archive-only’ groups, which will not affect Active Directory in any way.

Indexing and Searching
Enterprise Email Archive is a next-generation solution, designed specifically for today’s high volume unstructured messaging environments. Enterprise Email Archive indexes every piece of data that enters the archive in the same way that a search engine spider crawls and indexes web sites to respond immediately to queries. Enterprise Email Archive does not utilize SQL or other third party databases, saving customers the cost of additional database purchases and configuration time.

Got PSTs?
Most companies do. When management imposes mailbox quotas, users often respond by hoarding their emails into PST files. This places their organization in a dangerous position, as management may be unaware of what information may (or may not) be uncovered. Enterprise Email Archive contains a PST Migration Utility that allows the administrator to import users’ local archive files into the network archive. Once PSTs are in Enterprise Email Archive’s system, administrators can assign the PSTs to a repository or user. This is especially useful if an employee has left the company, but management needs to retain that user’s PSTs for use by another employee.

Outlook Integration Features
Enterprise Email Archive’s default archive access pathway is an intuitive web interface. However, Enterprise Email Archive’s Suite Edition offers additional archive access options. The Suite Edition integrates with users’ Outlook client via MSI Installer, allowing Suite Edition users to access and search their archive conveniently from within their Outlook client. The Suite Edition also provides off line archive access, as well as mobile archive access from mobile devices such as BlackBerrys and PDAs.

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